From Clicking to Creating — 6 Comments

  1. The pouring wine is interesting. Sort of like artificial flowing water. The removal of the wording on the glass is perfect too.

  2. Two stunning shots, wow!!
    I haven’t used the colors, should be using the filter more often. Thank you for the tips, Mary. :)

  3. It is so amazing all that can be done with editing! Organization is something I need to work on too. I waste more time looking for a certain photo I thought was good!

    I had an external drive I was saving photos to. All of the sudden it wouldn’t work, and when I brought it to Best Buy they said it was failing…and they could recover my photos – for hundreds of dollars! Yikes! I wonder if an online service isn’t better….or both; which is what he suggested. Seems like a lot, and sometimes makes me miss those old photo albums!

  4. Your photos are quite wonderful, as usual! :-) The tips for organization are quite timely, as I have been pondering that very topic this week. Thank you! My photo for the Color Red is not so inspired as yours, but it gave me practice! I “adopted” this plant at the end of the last growing season and it seems to be saying “Thank You” in a lovely, colorful way.

    • Oh I’m glad the organizing tips are helpful. That flower is gorgeous, you did a great job with detail, and depth of field. And it’s so vibrant.

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