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  1. It’s funny how some challenges sound so simple and are actually so hard. We like the palm tree photo. It is bright and cheery and makes one wonder what it is exactly.

  2. I can’t wait to try the panorama feature! Thank you for that tidbit. I am challenging myself to create the photo during the week of the challenge since my class is structured that way. So this week’s “Morning” shot is:
    If I wasn’t challenging myself in that way, I would likely have used this photo I took Dec 24th when I knew very little about my camera, etc yet. A fun accident, haha.
    I’m learning by leaps and bounds, a very good feeling. Thanks in no small part by the images and techniques you share, Mary.

  3. I love your panorama. I didn’t know that LR could do it! I use PS. I’ll try your new way – it looks easier! I’m still back on LR 6, and I’m not sure if it does it. We have a limited bandwidth internet connection so I’m not eager to use the version of LR that is online.

    I am still struggling with the Dogwood one. I like both of yours a lot – the palm one is my fave of the two. I got a photo of windblown snow that looks a lot like your sand one. Like you felt about yours, however, I’m not super excited about mine. I’m hoping that a new idea will strike me (soon)!

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