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From Clicking to Creating — 11 Comments

  1. I LOVE cropping my photos. It’s a great way to turn a snapshot into a framed work of art. Thank you Mary for always teaching a new trick!

  2. Good tips. We use the rule of thirds a lot too, but sometimes it simply doesn’t work with an otherwise really nice shot, or it is a photo made to be centered.

  3. Cropping is something I do have fun with. It’s more fun when you’re doing it artistically, then when you’re just trying to crop out something you shouldn’t have had in the background in the first place (unfortunately I do that a lot!). I try to follow the rule of thirds much more than I used to as well.
    I love the silhouette shots, but I think the sunset is my favorite – there’s something about that orange sky that really makes the mountains stand out more.

  4. I seem to be constantly behind on this ;) I love your zoom burst. It’s vivid and eye-catching. I just wrapped my head around this one today, and I took my first tries (indoors!). I think that I’ll end up being late posting again!

    Desert silhouettes are so dramatic. I love both of yours!

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