From Clicking to Creating-Spring flowers — 10 Comments

  1. How lucky, to have two springs! It’s a time of year that I just wished lasted longer. Gorgeous golds here, Mary!

  2. I love the various ways of capturing these flowers. Adding the texture layers is a cool idea.

  3. That first photo of the tulip is literally the best photo of a tulip that I have *ever* seen! They are so hard to photograph! Enjoy the Tetons. It should be wonderful!!! I can’t wait to see the photos.

  4. The flower photos are beautiful; but the one that really caught my eye was the one of the sun flashing its brilliant rays out from behind the rock. It’s as if the sun is playing hide-n-seek with you but wants to be sure you catch “him”. ?

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  6. What a happy flower is the Silverleaf Sunray! I did not know that name. I learn so many things from you Mary! Thank you.
    The student I tutor for reading gave me this lovely bouquet at the end of the semester shindig. How timely that the challenge for this week was flowers! I was terribly allergic to the lilies unfortunately, so after this photo session was complete they went bye-bye. I know my student will be tickled next semester when I show her the photos I took of her gift.

    • This is so pretty, and I love the tin piece you used for a backdrop. That’s a shame about the lily, I love the way they smell. Ya, the silverleaf sunray is a happy name, for a happy flower. I love them.

  7. Spring flowers are simply the best…their bright colors are definitely balm for winter-weary souls!

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