From Tiny Birds, to Huge Birds — 9 Comments

  1. Everyone is always thrilled to see those Eagles, but we love the pretty, colorful birds much more. Those Hummingbirds appear to be posing for you!

  2. Hello, Happy Anniversary! Your hummers are so pretty. That one would be a lifer for me too. Awesome Eagle photos. I found the heron chicks, great capture. Cool Osprey video. Great birds and post. Have a happy day!

  3. Happy Anniversaries!

    You capture the most magical moments and beings in your photos. I love the Eagle taking off with the face of the other one peeking out. Beautiful!

    And those hummingbirds are delightful!

    Enjoy your travels — and the 39th anniversary of your birthday! :)

  4. Those eagles are breath-taking. Super great job photographing them! I love the little ones too, especially that blue beak!

  5. The photos and slideshow are stunning! You captured the various birds perfectly, in my opinion, including the three osprey chicks. Enjoy the next leg of your journey!

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