Frosted sea glass, frosted leaves — 14 Comments

  1. Mary! I absolutely love these sea glass photos!! As much as I love sea glass, I would be in my glory to be able to go out and pick it up on the beach! The frost pictures came out great too, but I’m guessing you will NOT be missing the frost when you leave. Safe travels to warmer climate!!

  2. Mary, you have the BEST collection of sea glass I’ve ever seen. The colors! Most of my finds are dark blue, white and some green with TWO, only TWO aqua. Your photos of them are extraordinary, and come spring, I must bring them out to photograph. BE WELL, Mary! Anita

  3. See the amazing new photo challenges you’re finding! :-)
    I’m glad though, for your emotional well being that you’re soon headed back to a sunnier, warmer zone.
    Really lovely pictures (as always).

  4. Really pretty photos! I had no idea that glass just washed up like that, mom can’t help but think it would make amazing jewelry. Sorry that you think 20’s is COLD! Love Dolly

  5. Wow, I can’t get over the variety of pieces of sea glass you’ve found! That lavendar color is amazing! And that little heart – so cool! The frost pics are lovely!

  6. Ooo I absolutely love those frost photos! Snow scenes and the patterns made by frost are among my favorite things, and these are awesome. I’ve never seen sea glass in some of those colors, especially the vivid red one at the top – and I have to say, that top photo got me in the mood for cherry gummies! You always seem to find heart-shaped things, whether it’s sea glass or rocks – I think nature is sending a loving message to you.

  7. The frost is very beautiful! I have been looking for some to photograph but it just hasn’t happened anywhere I have been…so far this winter.

  8. I love the way you pick up the frost details in your photos. I’ve tried to get a picture of a flake of snow on Delilah, but I can’t manage it with my camera.

    I’m happy for you that you will be heading back to the area that you love, but I will miss the beach photos, I love the beach. :-D

  9. Ha, your last line made me laugh because that frost is truly beautiful in your photos! Heading for the desert? Lucky you!

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