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  1. Beautiful images, I love the sunset and the last pretty bloom! I hope you feel better soon, take care!

  2. That last photo…I absolutely ADORE it!! I may need to come back and purchase that one!! Sure hope you two are feeling better and just spending time recuperating in the desert! I just love the desert…the flowers…the moonlight…gorgeous!!

  3. This is where I love to be: next to nature. The city is full of unnatural noise, stress, smoke. I am a city dweller and there is something to the buzz of humanity that I love, but give me the silent buzz of bees and the crisp air. Especially now as I get older. How lovely are your photos dearest Mary! Anita

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos, as always. Each has its own atmosphere and says something different to me. That flower truly is exquisite. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your favorite spot again and I hope you’re both feeling much, much better.

  5. Well yesterday Mike got a super deal on a new camera. He got a Nikon D 3400 package deal. It was the display model discounted because the sale was so good they were all gone and no more coming. Now he has a lot of reading to do. Speaking of photos and flowers, cacti, I received this month’s Arizona hyway magazine filled with amazing photos that just blew me away. The desert is certainly not without colorful plants and animals. Get out there and photo shoot your little heart out till you’ve filled your soul with wonderment. Happy Boon docking.

  6. Glad you are back in a comfy spot. Poor mom sees all the cactus pics and it reminds her of when she fell onto one back in college. A pricker stabber her in the behind pretty bad. I guess they can be real painful, and her back end was so sore and swollen from it, she couldn’t sit down for a few days…so watch out!

  7. Loved the photos and especially those cactus! I’ve been reading your blog for a while but not having time to leave a message.


  8. I love the cacti. Their spines are lined up like little soldiers. And that pink flower is incredible. We get to go to the desert in March. I can’t wait!

  9. We had a great sunset the other night. I found myself out there with my little point and shoot trying to capture the beauty. Let’s just put it this way, “I’m not Mary Hone.”

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