A fun evening at the sand dunes — 27 Comments

  1. Oh Mary! YIKES your contrasts of sky and sand are striking! That bluest of blues is my favorite! What fun for furiends and family to get a good workout on the dunes!!!

    And “Why as Why?” Hmmmmm……ALASKA? teeehee…I can’t even begin to guess, but I’ll be here to find out!

  2. wow, these are awesome shots. I love your cute dogs, they look like they were having a ball running around.. The sky shot is beautiful. Have a happy day!

  3. Holy cow Mary!!!! These are incredible shots! The one of Torrey running dow the sand dune? OMG!
    I am so sharing.

  4. I remember these sand dunes long ago. These photos brought me an to an emotional high for the memories that poped into my inside vision. Glad your injoying the now. I remember a few sands storms also.

  5. such beautiful photos
    love the light and shadows
    the mix of colors
    the shapes and textures
    sounds like you had a wonderful time

  6. That sure looks like a lot of fun, and I bet that really wore the dogs out! So many cool photos, what a great place to get some really interesting shots.

  7. Gorgeous photos, especially that sunset! Rita loves to run on sand dunes too. Have never taken her there (always looked so busy with dune buggies when we’ve driven by there) but we took her to some in Oregon. Too fun!

  8. Oh I would just love to go there! We have pretty good sized sand dunes here in FL, especially around 100 miles south from us, but they’re protected and you can’t walk on them.

    That first photo of Torrey…! <3

  9. It was appropriate that you visited a site that saw the Star Wars films being made because in one of those shots Torrey looked like a mini Wookie.

    Love the dramatic setting. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely pictures.

  10. Really beautiful pictures and the dogs are having a great time. I used to go to the dunes at Lake Michigan when young and I really loved them.

  11. What an incredible outing. So beautiful, almost beyond words. I agree that you took some amazing photos. I have a hard time picking a favorite! It’s funny – sand dunes remind me a little of slick rock slopes…

  12. That settles it. I seriously want your life. These photos are AWESOME!!! They remind me very much of when we went to White Sands. Have you been there? LOVE the ones of the dogs running on the dunes…there is something so serene about dunes…I have always loved them! Gorgeous sunsets too!! I finally booked our trip today so I have something to look forward to!!

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