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Fun photo collages in the desert — 23 Comments

  1. Definitely Moldiv on the phone, but Diptic is pretty popular too. But I’m a cheapskate and Moldiv is free :P If I’m on the laptop, Pixlr Express is serviceable enough for collages I think.

  2. Like the first one with the slanted line. We don’t do them much unless we have too many photos and need to combine a few. We use fotor or picmonkey usually when we make them.

  3. Gorgeous collages, Mary. I love making photo collages too! I can’t figure out any of those online ones but I very fluent in Photoshop (with Jason’s help, that is.) On the ol’ smart phone I like the simplicity of PhotoGrid and all of the crazy stuff on Imikimi.

  4. We don’t have a software we use, butwe do like to do a “Story in 5 Pictures” occasionally and we build the collage to fit the story.

  5. I will have to try out the first app you mentioned… haven’t seen it before. Can you use picmonkey on a phone? That would be awesome!

  6. Great collages! I enjoy making them, but I’m not as good as my sis is. I forget the app I use if doing them from my phone. But if on my PC, I use PicMonkey.

  7. Those are great! I’ve only done basic ones with PicMonkey or Fotor, nothing fancy. But seeing yours I’d definitely like to try something a litte different and more creative like that first one.

  8. I just tried out Moldiv for the first time during the challenge too. I also like one called Montager, but Moldiv has far more options available so by far the better choice! I am really enjoying the photo challenge hosted by weliveinaflat.com.

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