Getting clean with #WoofPouf — 15 Comments

  1. Oh now isn’t she the cutest and CLEANEST little pup…teehehee…oh Mary, you capture the spirit of it all. DARLING PHOTOS and have a fun day. Anita

  2. Thanks for the review! Your doggie did not mind the bath, at least it looks that way. What a cutie! Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  3. I looked at the site but still didn’t see… does it help you save water then? Would be great for us with our drought. Worst stinkiness we get from Rita is when there’s seaweed to roll in at the beach!

  4. The Ultrashield green Woof Pouf sounds fantastic! I live in Florida so we battle fleas and ticks all year. Not only do many of us not like using chemicals on our dogs the fleas are getting immune to them. As a single dog owner giving baths by myself is a battle (big dogs) of hose, shampoo and dog holding with spilled shampoo a given.

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