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  1. Ahhhhh, you’re talking to the right girl here; I grew up in solitude with no siblings and very few playmates. I loved it however, and to this day I crave it after a long, loud day of teaching. Though I feel fortunate to be teaching a subject I love and have great students, I would rather be in a quiet space to ponder, plan, plot and create. Where do I find my solitude? When I can, with nature by the lakes, by the sea when we are able to fly to the coast. But in my home is where I find the solitude I need to carry through my next idea.

  2. If you could see my yard right now you’d a) gasp in horror, b) realize solitude is no challenge. Living in a snowy, stormy region, in a small village solitude is never lacking; making myself go out and interact with others is the effort. Since I still work for a living, there’s some reinforcement for making sure that happens ;-)

    (Currently when I look out my backdoor and over towards my neighbors all I see are mounds of snow, pushed up by the village front end loader so we have room for more snow.)

    • Lol..I would no doubt gasp in horror, that sounds like way too much snow. A small village does sound nice, and working certainly does force us to get out of our comfort zone. After we are in a huge city to do an art show, talking to strange people for 3 days straight, we need a break.

  3. My mom prefers to keep to herself with just us furs around her. She doesn’t like to be in the boonies, though. Suburbia is her thing, but she has her space.

  4. I find solitude in my studio — I am happiest there. Though I love to be in nature — just not for long periods of time when it’s this chilly outside! :)

    Lovely photos — and nice to see your home in place!

  5. I love solitude! My brother is nearly 6 years older than me, so growing up I spent a lot of time playing by myself (until we got our first dog). Now that I’m retired, I get most of my solitude out in the back yard with Shadow and Ducky. I’d love to live on a quiet street so I could walk the dogs around the neighborhood, but that’s just not in the cards I guess.

  6. I love solitude; sometimes I find it in my home, especially on snowy days/nights or during those winter nights when it gets dark early before everyone gets home. But my favorite place is out in the woods, where it’s just me and nature, no sounds but birds and critters and swishing leaves – extra points if there’s a rambling stream – that’s where I’m happiest. I love these pics, especially the one that shows all the different cactus shapes and textures. I have to say that when I saw the third pic, I immediately thought it was perfect symbolism of you and Al and your desert hermit club – the two saguaro standing tall together in the middle of desert beauty. I love it. :)

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  8. Mary,
    The photos are great! However, as I view them I can not help but wonder how many times you may have encountered snakes,coyotes etc. especially with the dogs.

    • Thankfully, we have never had a problem with critters. Currently we have coyotes around, we hear them all the time. I watch the dogs closely.

  9. Yes, my hubby and I are all about solitude as well. That is why we bought our new home – there are no other houses within sight of us, and we love it that way!

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