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Giveaway-Roxy doggie necklace — 44 Comments

  1. Wow, what a beautiful prize. And yes, Roxy, yours is very eye-catching.

    Poor Honey has a very drab and faded collar. It does nothing to show off her beauty. So we’d love to win. And, of course, we’d need some business cards if we do win because everyone in Ithaca will want one too. :)

  2. These necklaces are beautiful! Roxy, you are a perfect model too! I hope I win!

  3. What fun! Those are really pretty! I was going to order a beading loom today from Crazy Crow. We want to make a native headdress. I love your collars!

  4. I would love to have one for my cats. My dogs would chew them off each other; well.one dog that is the chewaholic Ollie.

  5. If I win one of these darling necklaces I could give one to my mom’s cute little chaweenie dog that s the same size as Roxy and just as sweet. My dog would ruin them.

  6. Roxy I have long admired your stylish ‘bling’ and would love to have something super like that to wear on special occasions

  7. They are beautiful necklaces for dogs and I agree with everyone else they really look great on Roxy!

  8. Wow! This is an unusual GiveAway. The beaded collars are so beautiful–ChazzTheDog would look pawsome in one. But of course ]I am a little prejudice cuz I’m his Mommie. But we live in Los Angeles and doggies need to be photo op, pupperazzi ready at all times. I think this lovely necklace would be just the right accessory for Chazz the next time someone wants to snap his picture!! Thanks for the opportunity…

  9. How gorgeous and isn’t Roxy cute as a model! I wonder how small she makes these. We have one pretty small dog here who would look too cute wearing one of those.

  10. Your mommy does beautiful work, and yes, the zig-zag is my favorite!

    We (my son and I) like the Coral and Brown, the Black Stripe, and the Desert (not dessert!).

    Thank you for the giveaway Roxy and Mommy.

    PS: Roxy, you are beautiful!

  11. You’re mom sure does make some pretty things Miss Roxy! Love the necklace and think it is very nice of your mom to give one away!

  12. These necklaces are gorgeous. I’m sure my puppy Lexi would look great in one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. What I really like is the idea of the dogs having a necklace and me having a matching bracelet.

    When Delilah and I did drop in agility class for some reason we always matched. Her collar is purple and it never failed, the day of class I always ended up wearing purple. :-)

    Your mom does beautiful work!

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