Golden Poppies, and Golden rocks — 12 Comments

  1. Hello, I love the poppies and the beautiful framed red rock. I am glad Al’s sculptures. Maybe the students took it as a prank. Wishing you all the best with your challenges.
    Have a happy day!

  2. Thank goodness the sculpture was found! For sure, why, why, why do people does these things!

    And you are going to go see our equine friends! OOOOOH Mary, I look forward to more of your magical photos of them! I hear ya about BLEAK landscape; I am on spring break this week, and though we had a fantastically warm and sunny day yesterday, it’s going to take at least two weeks of consistent sunshine to get our spring going, so no outdoor shots for me. Hang in there.

  3. Mom says teenagers and college kids do so many things that don’t make sense. The main thing is they found it and it is in good shape!

  4. wonderful shot of the purple flower outstanding in its field of poppies. Reminds me of the words tanasity or perserverence. Love the red rocks worn from the elements. Glad Weathering the storm was found and returned. Maybe it was a prank or dare but none the less terrible to learn someone did this. Somewhere out there the stolen gourd I had in a Gallery in Taos, New Mexico is being enjoyed by someone. I made another one even better just like it.

  5. I love that Golden Hour photo – when I do nature photography, one of my favorite subjects is “singleness”. I love a single tree in a field, a single flower in the woods – one of my favorite photos I took is a single horse standing a short distance from a single tree on top of a grassy rise, and both are in silhouette. That’s crazy about Al’s sculpture, it sounds like some stupid teenage prank. Hope all went well with Al’s doctor visit!

  6. Beautiful field of yellow poppies, stunning view! Rain keeps them happy. :)
    The rock framed shot is really cool!

  7. Your photos are beautiful this week! I have a feeling you’ll come up with something good for the future challenges, even if it is…more challenging. :)
    So glad Al’s sculpture was found! That really is weird, but all’s well that ends well.

  8. I love both of those photos. Great purple highlight, and Mother Nature’s framing!

    I’m so glad that they found the sculpture. It sounds like a college prank… but not funny at all. I hope that all goes smoothly for you in Utah.

  9. So glad the sculpture was found! Weird — but happy ending none-theless.

    And I too love the Golden Hour photo — such courage and a bit of a sense of humour I think on the part of that one flower. Very cool!

  10. Love that tall skinny purple flower in the field of poppies!

    So glad the sculpture was found! Man, that’s so weird though… I mean, it must have been a lot of work to get it off there, so then to just abandon it?? Doesn’t make sense. Maybe they thought they’d been spotted so dumped it??

  11. I was relieved for you both when I read that the sculpture had been found – it’s such a beautiful piece.

    Hope Al’s doctor appointment went well!

    The photos are beautiful! I love the solitary purple flower standing tall among the poppies! I love purple – it’s my favorite color – and I enjoy being a non-conformist most times myself. ?

  12. What craziness makes people steal a sculpture. But I am happy four your husband that it’s back where it belongs. As always you showcase beautiful photos. Wish you all the best in Utah.

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