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We got out just in time — 36 Comments

  1. You’re lucky you got out in time, from what I hear parts of Utah have lots and lots of snow. And, now it’s headed into Colorado, we’ve already got 2 inches this morning and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop. Stay warm!

  2. Those are beautiful photos! You both look like you’re really enjoy the walk around. I know what you mean about the cold and painful joints – tell your mom to keep you warm and toasty.

  3. Phew! Heading to the warmer desert sounds like a great idea! Sorry that your arthritis is bothering you, it’s tough to age. We have two seniors here, and both have a touch of arthritis that acts up when the weather turns cold and rainy. No fun at all. :-(

  4. Hello you lucky doggies. We got over eight inches of snow here. My kids go to sand Hollow a lot and just love it. Soak up all the sunshine you can or better yet send us some.

  5. Phew,

    That was lucky! It was 70F here up until yesterday and now it’s suddenly gone into the 50’s, Mum’ whining, but I don’t care as I’ve got my big fluffy coat on! :)

    Stay warm guys

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  6. Roxy, so glad you got out ahead of the storm. I agree it is always nice to be in the warmer weather. Tell your mom she took lovely photos of you and Torrey!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  7. Oh that nasty arthritis! I’m sorry it’s been bothering you so much lately, Roxy. It’s no fun to be in pain. I hope you feel much better now that you’ll be in warmer climates. It looks like a beautiful place!

  8. Spectacular photos. Lucky you heading to warmer weather- cold and snowy here in Toronto. I’ll enjoy your travels through your posts. X Susie at Talent Hounds

  9. We usually have warm weather here, but chill winds have moved in to make it a cold December. Love your pictures.

  10. Have I mentioned a time or two you take fab pics? :) Hope to see you at the BlogPaws 2014 Conference in Vegas in May! Happy Howl-idays!

  11. We don’t get it because Katie’s arthritis is much better here in MN in the winter than in FL. Not sure if it is the dry air or what.

  12. Glad you escaped! Storms are no fun and it looks like you found a bit of calm. After all the grey days we’ve had for the last few weeks, it’s lovely to look at your colourful photos. There is just something about cheery yellow flowers that makes me feel better.

  13. We’re in Utah County and are freezing today! Lucky dogs!
    My blogpaws ww entry is #110. Come by and vote for us 1 last time?

  14. I’m glad you got out! It sounds as if much of Utah has had an incredible storm. We were near Arches for Thanksgiving. It had already snowed more than 6″ there and apparently they are getting at least another 6″!

    I’ve never been to St. George but it sounds super nice. You two look fabulous on the red rock.

  15. Love your photos on those rocks guys. Hope you can stay warm! It is supposed to get pretty cold here too. At least for Texas anyways.

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