Grand staircase Escalante, Utah — 20 Comments

  1. Yes – that is a view worth waking up to in the morning :-)

    How thoughtful of Mother Nature to get the area in order for your visit!

  2. yep its so colorful and grand in that part of Utah. You wouldn’t need a church to worship with the spiritual feeling you can get there.

  3. Gorgeous shot of the moon coming up. It is lovely to visit, but wouldn’t want to be there forever, probably why you move around a lot :)

  4. That is some amazing landscape – definitely don’t have anything remotely close to that around here! I can see why you like it.

  5. Beautiful country and pictures! I am so looking forward to our drive out west for BlogPaws. I haven’t been further then Denver is ages and can’t wait for a change of scenery. What? Torrey wanted to chase rabbits? The Lady

  6. Wow… how beautiful. This is a lovely and heartfelt post. I can feel your enjoyment of this place. I didn’t realize how much smaller Roxy is than Torrey. That photo really shows a difference. Thank you for taking us through the desert.. I do miss it.

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