A gray day — 11 Comments

  1. And it turned out to be a GREAT walk…what a gorgeous bird!! LOVE the heart!! It is supposed to be nearly 60 here tomorrow…unheard of in Upstate NY in November!! We will take it! Then we probably won’t see the ground until Easter!! Enjoy your day Mary!

  2. We feel that if you put your mind in the right mindset, any day in any place, or weather can be a good day and you can find lots of fun things to see. If you have a bad attitude, you won’t find much, though.

  3. Oh the crisp days of Fall are so nice. I have my gourd bird feeder outside hanging but haven’t seen any visitors as yet. I do see little fat birdie sparrows under the eves that overhang the deck roof at night. They are very cute all fluffed up trying to keep warm. The starlings eat the chicken food. The chickens have quit laying and are molting. The garden Kale is still growing. We never made it once up the canyon this year. I am so appreciative of the pictures Mary

  4. What lovely photos. It just goes to show that beauty is always there, even if you have to look harder for it sometimes. We’ve had way too many gray days here lately though. Today we finally saw some sunshine at least!

  5. It’s amazing how tough gray days can be on us photographers! You found some pretty things, perhaps because you were searching through the gray! I often resort to macro photos on a gray day like today.

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