Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center — 17 Comments

  1. MARY MARY! Ohhhhhhhh I love these photos! And your proper lens DID solve the problem of that pesky “white noise” of backgrounds! That dear owl, his EYES ARE WILD! And those bears…it’s fun to have the ability to get close shots to see their hilarious expressions and great girth and beauty. I love all your work but I have to say that these are my favorites. Just good old nature doing its thing. Fantastic. Anita

  2. Love the bear and wolf pics. The first bear looks so cuddly and lovable, but the second shot, you can see the “real” bear who could be dangerous. Great captures of them all.

  3. Congrats on your sales, sounds like an awesome show! I love the bear and wolf shots, they are beautiful. And the owl is adorable. Great post. Enjoy your day!

  4. I like that parks and zoos are now tending to take in only animals that cannot live successfully on the outside. Great opportunity to take photos!

  5. I like the name you chose for the sculpture and I especially like the meaning behind it. I’m so happy your latest show went so well; I’m thrilled that your photography is so appreciated! I usually don’t like the idea of animals in captivity, but it’s different when they’re specifically for rescue-type animals who wouldn’t make it in the wild. I like that they work so hard to keep their natural hunting/seeking instincts intact rather than just feeding them. Sounds like a great place. These photos are amazing; the wolf shots are particularly gorgeous.

    • This place is great, because otherwise these bears would be put down. Captivity is not the best for a wild animal, but neither is death.

  6. I’ve never heard of the place but it sounds amazing, it’s going on my list of places to visit if I’m in the area!

  7. That looks like a very cool place and you got some great photos! That owl is SO cute.

    I love the name you decided on for the sculpture, good job, Taryn!

  8. Mary this these pictures are absolutely fabulous! The 2nd one of the bear is so awesome! I feel like he’s looking at me and the owl is so sweet!

  9. The bear pictures are beautiful you make it look like you are so close. Yes its sad about those bears I never understand why they kill a bear for doing what is natural and the humans fault. Glad to hear about the sculpture but not surprised at all. I’m going to Vancouver next week I remember there is a wolf sanctuary there I want to see.

  10. Good evening Mary! It means a lot to me that you come to my blog for your photography is my inspiration for nature photos…thanks to you, I’ve been thinking more about light, background “noise” and editing. You are just so kind to comment! We keep on going, don’t we….until we really start to evolve and make that progress we seek. THESE BEARS….FABULOUS!

  11. We were right next to that center a few years ago, and we didn’t go in because we usually don’t like seeing captive animals. You’ve convinced me that we should go next time!!!! (That’ll be when we head north for that 2017 total solar eclipse I mentioned before).

    Great photos, and I’m so glad they’re selling well!!!!!

  12. Well you know how I feel about them putting the bears down. It pisses me off to no end!

    I’m not big on viewing animals in captivity, but it sounds like this place is doing their very best to make sure the animals in their car are living their lives as close to natural as possible. I can get behind that!

    Great name for the sculpture! I’m glad you did so well at the art show.

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