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  1. Beautiful shots all round. That is a beautiful sunset there. Such a warm sky, and I bet the sight warmed your heart :) Your son makes a great model. Such a natural and I hope the two of you enjoyed your time together :)

  2. Dramatic. Sensual. Sweet, perfect. Mary, first of all I want to thank you for your reply on the outdoor photography. YES! Lowering the aperature is something I must learn to do. I am shooting in RAW these days and I love it. I am having a friend over today, ALL DAY who is going to help me out. She is going to be my model and will be my first willing human model! I am determined to work on some angles and styles AND black and white. What you did here with your son (GORGEOUS) and Rox is beautiful. OK, off to get my “studio” ready! Anita

  3. Hello, your scenic shots with the sunlight are beautiful. I love the moon shot. Cute shots of your son and Roxy! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  4. Stunning images, Mary! I love all of them, I haven’t seen a moon photo this beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing the photos of your son and Roxy. :)

  5. They are all so wonderful! Sunrise is my favorite part of the day, but I rarely get out to take photos of it.
    The photos of your son with Roxy are priceless!

  6. Love those pictures of your son with Roxy. It’s obvious there’s lots of love going both ways.

    Living on the water, that half light time of day is so special. It’s when I’m most likely to say, “I wish I could share a picture of this” knowing it would look like utter crud if I tried. :)

  7. each one of these is more breathtaking than the last. These are incredible! Your son is so handsome and you really took some great shots of he and Roxy. He looks like you!

  8. I love all those photos – the sunset over the water, the rising moon – such beauty! And you did a fabulous job on the portraits of your son!

  9. I have so many sunset photos it’s crazy – but i keep taking ’em. My favorite! That photo of the moon is amazing! And love love love the last shot! Precious!

  10. Walking the dogs in the morning I’ve discovered that I really love that 1/2 our or so before dawn. The world is beginning to lighten and prepare itself for the day. It’s a truly magical time.

    As always your pictures are superb, and it’s wonderful that your son and dog adore each other. That is very apparent in the photos.

  11. Mary! I am so honored that you came by my blog. I am learning to photograph people now, and thanks to YOU and your daily/weekly inspiration, I’m learning. See you in the morning! Anita

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