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Happy Anniversary Baby — 23 Comments

  1. HAPPY ANIVERSARY TO BOTH OF YOU! IT WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ROMANTIC WEDDING MIKE AND I EVER WITNESSED. Also birthday wishes to my talented friend Mary Hone. Mike and I have a lot of history together and it has brought us closer. We have learned a lot from each other and to compromize, listen better and tend to the needs of the other a lot better. Wev’e been together since kids really. We have a lot to be thankful for. It would be nice to get to travel around and experience more of Natures wonders.

  2. When it’s right, it’s right! Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday! Your wedding dress was STUNNING! So much better than the store bought fluff!

  3. You’re practically newlyweds! :) Happy Anniversary!! What a beautiful wedding you had.
    My hubby and I work together at the same store, and even though I don’t work full time with him anymore, we did for years, and never had any problems with it.
    Enjoy your birthday too!

  4. Happy Anniversary! The years aren’t what matters, it is that you are both truly happy. 50 years of unhappiness is nothing compared to a year of happiness. You are very lucky! Happy birthday a couple days early too!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! i love your wedding dress. i have a friend who is Cherokee & makes them herself. i am always so amazed all the work that goes into that art. i thought our honeymoon was fancy going to Disney World. but going to Glacier was so smart … we loved our trip there. hope to see the Canadian side one day. the American side was just amazing!! enjoy many many more years together. we have our 10th Anniversary coming up in November this year. ( :

  6. OHHH I LOVED THIS POST!! HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! You two were obviously made for each other! We just had our 8th wedding anniversary too!!! xoxoxoxo You are both so special and well-suited for each other! Also, happy early birthday!!! xoxo

  7. Happy anniversary! It’s our anniversary too! We’ve been married 32 years and we spend 24/7 together too. I love it too, but I think we may be in the minority! haha! Have a wonderful day and a fantastic birthday! Enjoy your down time and we’ll see you Monday! ♥♥♥

  8. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful pictures! So romantic! I’d love to go to Glacier some day. We did national parks for our honeymoon too – Bryce, Zion, and the North Rim.

  9. Happy Anniversary and Birthday!!!!! I love your wedding photos. That’s my kind of wedding!

  10. WOW! Mary, you are SPLENDID! I love your wedding attire, totally from buckskin, and your talented hands! This is superb. I can see that your participation in my link party will be FANTASTIC because I am looking for people to be DIFFERENT and out of the ordinary. Just choose whatever European destination and go for it. Stay tuned for more details to come. I’ll put your name on the list, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Anita

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