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Happy Halloweeeeen — 29 Comments

  1. Happy Halloweener! My parents put a blankie over me and called me a Dachshund Druid. How lame is that?

    Love your masks! Very Venice!

    And the T-shirt and your design on it is fabulous. It looks classy and engaging. Nice work! :)

    Keep on wagging,
    P.s. Happy birthday tomorrow!

  2. Something Mom could order with my logo and wear at BlogPaws so people know she is with me! Love the photos, good work there. Happy Howloween!

  3. Torrey, you and Roxy are beautiful! And I love that t-shirt! Happy Halloween!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos!!HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Also thanks for the info about Fotor….used it on Cody’s blog today (you should check it out, I linked to you). Didn’t use it on Dakota’s because for his today I used ribbet.
    Have a great one!

  5. its very nice. I should do the same and where my logo on my shirt. I would put Mary’s Gourds

  6. Happy Halloween! love the masks! Hubs won’t let me dress up Parris, but Blue is going to be a hotdog!

  7. I love the masks. ;-) How funny that your mom and I both thought the same way.

    Very cool idea for the shirt. I did one for Sampson’s blog a few years back and wore it to a writing conference. Hey you gotta get your readers/followers/peeps any way you can.

    Happy Halloween!!

  8. Digitally is the only way I can dress my dogs either, and I didn’t even do that! I love the t-shirt, very nice.
    We’ll be watching to see if Roxy remembers your birthday, Torrey!

  9. I saw your photos over on PACK Torrey and thought you and Roxy both looked great…And so does the logo on that shirt…I’m not a big fan of orange but that shade looks really nice

  10. I love your digital costumes! I think those are the best kind for many doggies (like mine!). Happy Halloween!

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