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  1. OH GOODNESS! First of all, Al’s paintings are marvelous! I LOVE THAT MUDDY MUSTANG! And his bison reminds me of the early American painters of the prairie! Magnificent, well-done!


  2. That’s incredible how Al could paint those two pieces in such a short time. He’s amazing. I love the fantasy picture you put together! Good luck at the show!

  3. Lol, I love the fantasy shot! Too bad some idiots actually do that – much funnier when you accomplish it through photoshop :-)

    Al is really kicking it into super-artist mode, isn’t he? Wow. Tell him to be careful, super brilliant artistic types seem to go mad and lose touch with reality, which would probably make him much harder to live with ;-)

  4. Hello, your artwork is gorgeous. I love the bison with the birds on it’s back. The crazy people in Yellowstone must think they are in a petting zoo. Good luck with the art show.

    Have a happy day and week ahead!

  5. Love your fantasy image. Well done. Hubby’s no slouch either. Have a good showing.

  6. Great paintings! Thank you so much for sharing Al’s artwork with us, Mary.
    The last one fits well with the fantasy. Love it. :)

  7. Al’s bison is incredible – I love it. He did both of those fabulous paintings in 1.5 weeks? Wowzers.

    I like your fantasy image. Crap like that has been going on around here with our moose. People are walking right up to them with cell phone cameras. Someone is going to get killed. Better the stupid person who took the risk than a moose, unlike that insane thing that happened in Yellowstone.

  8. What beautiful paintings! He does marvelous work.
    Neat photo for the fantasy challenge! Awesome work making that!

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