Hawks, Horses, and other Wild Things — 6 Comments

  1. Those Black Phainopepla are beautiful to see. I see them when I am out in the desert but they are not back yard birds. Beautiful birds!

    Loved seeing your horses! What a treat to have them close by! Glad you are enjoying Arizona!

  2. Great photos! That squirrel looks like it has some chipmunk fur stripes on it. The line up of the four horses made us laugh. It looks like you asked them to line up for a photo and they obliged.

  3. Those mundane chores became way more fun! The horses are of course beautiful, but I just love the little birds, especially some I haven’t seen before. Our Phoebes are gray, so it was cool to see a black one, and I also love the black bird with the red eyes.

  4. Hello, love the hawk images. The horses are all beautiful. The Roadrunner is one of my favorite birds. Great collection of photos. Have a happy day and a great new week ahead!

  5. I always love the horses!!! And you got some amazing bird photos. I love the Roadrunner. I saw one in the desert last year but I didn’t get my camera out before he zoomed away. And the red-eyed bird is gorgeous. Last, I am so jealous that you are hearing birds singing. Our snowy forest is quiet right now.

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