Heading to points northward — 26 Comments

  1. Happy Anniversary to you both!! Happy Birthday to you!! I thought I read this wrong when you said you were headed North! But…North meaning Wyoming…not North as in New York!! Ha! Enjoy your trip back to where you love to be!!

  2. Dearest Mary! I wish you safe and exciting travels! I wish you a memorable stay and more opportunity for “accumulating photographs!”

    The mountains are gorgeous. I’ve never been to these mountains, but they do call to me too; however, when we were on vacation the beginning of June, I was where my heart calls me: THE OCEAN. It’s really cool how many of us have a particular place or environment that calls us. Wishing you the BEST! Anita

    • Oh Anita, you will learn about the beauty of this area in the next 3 months through my photos, just like the desert. We love spending the summer and early fall in the Jackson Hole area. I lived in California, so I totally get the pull of the ocean. I have been trying to convince Al that he really does want to drive a 39ft RV into San Diego so I can go to the beach.

  3. I love the Tetons too, gorgeous place! Enjoy Wyoming, wish I could be there too. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to you! Have a great day!

  4. Enjoy! Even though you are both quite busy, it is a nice life you have made and it is run by you both and not a boss, or a clock. You get to plan and decide it all.

  5. Woo Hoo! The Tetons are calling…. and the Rockies call too! Honest. After the Tetons why not keep travelling north to the Rockies of Alberta… :) We have beauty here too and wouldn’t it be amazing to meet?

    Just sayin’…

  6. Happy birthday and congrats on some milestones. Hubby and I have been talking more and more about next summers travels and some new spots to explore. I’m looking forward to your Teton photos. Did you get a new camera? I’m shopping and dreaming :-)

  7. Happy Birthday. We’re from New York. I bet you’d take some beautiful photos here too! These pictures are absolutely gorgeous; can’t wait to look back and see what you’ve taken from Wyoming. Enjoy!

  8. I look forward to the mountains in your photos, Mary! And I bet that if Al gets one good inspirational thought about the ocean, you two may be heading out to San Diego. I HOPE SO!!!!

  9. Wow, you have lots to celebrate in the coming days! Happy, Happy for all of them!

    I very much look forward to all the forthcoming photos!

  10. Beautiful images! I look forward to seeing new pics when you get there. I know you’ll see inspiration everywhere you look there. I’d love to go there someday.

  11. Happy Full-Time Birthday Anniversary!

    I’ve dreamed of going into the Tetons for a long time. After my round-the-perimeter trip, that’s where I’m heading! If the dogs haven’t disowned me by then.

  12. Have a wonderful time. I know you’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time! I love your images of the Tetons. We hope to spend some time there before too long!

  13. Wishing you an early happy birthday! Can’t wait to see the pictures, you sound so excited to be on the road again. Mom grew up moving a lot too, like you because her dad was career Air Force. She is very restless to move again, she can’t believe she has lived in the same place so long. Love Dolly

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