Healthy InstantPot Dog Food Recipe — 24 Comments

  1. that’s a super tatsy recipe… sadly the mama is not allowed to use apressure cooker again after a food-plosion in our kitchen (after putting the base of the pot in cold water) :o)

  2. The girls look happy and healthy, Mary! It’s nice to know what is exactly in the food we eat AND in what our beloved ones eat. Great invention and recipe! They look like they love it! Have a creative and inspiring day!

  3. That’s such a healthy recipe, I’m glad to hear a holistic vet put that book out (you KNOW we’re all about natural, organic and holistic here!). I’m sure the pups were VERY appreciative!

  4. Wow, what a great recipe. What size Insta-Pot is that, 5 or 6 quart? Do you use it often for cooking your meals while on the road? How does higher altitudes effect cooking with a pressure cooker? Your post has my brain going a mile a minute. I have a 1,000 watt inverter in my trailer now. Dying to hook up the solar and test this pot out. My two Huskies can’t wait either!

    • Mine is the 6 quart Duo. I haven’t had it very long, only a few weeks. I plan on using it way more in the future as I have some pots coming from Amazon today. It makes the best hard boiled eggs, corn on the cob, rice, quinoa, and dog food. We have a 2000 watt inverter with 2 panels. I have tested power usage and this is what I know. When it comes to pressure, it uses about 100 watts. Once it reaches pressure, it uses almost nothing. If you start with boiling water, the time to come to pressure is less. I love that it doesn’t heat up my house, and is fast. I haven’t worried about altitude, we are currently at 5300, but when we head to Wyoming at 6200, that may change. There is a chart out there telling you how to adjust time. Your huskies would no doubt love this food.

  5. Homemade dog food, that is awesome. I am sure your dogs are loving their homemade doggie food. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  6. Do I’m guessing I could triple this and put it in my crock pot overnight? It wouldn’t heat the house and it looks super simple. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for the shout out Mary! I’m glad you were able to learn enough to make your own dog food recipe! I’m interested in the Instapot. I see that it’s a pressure cooker, but can you actually put canning jars in it and process food for canning?

  8. Wow! Okay, now I want an InstaPot — and Beaumont is a finicky eater — so few foods he likes — I will have to try this recipe on him!

    Thanks Mary for the inspiration

  9. It sure looks good enough to eat! My mom isn’t quite ready to start cooking for us yet, but we can see it happening in the future. Pretty cool instant pot too. Never heard of one before. Reminds us of a crockpot at high speed.

  10. WOW! This sounds great for the dogs, Mary!! Copper has a sensitive tummy…special food since he was a “young un”…LOL! However, I do make a gravy for them…:)

  11. Thanks! Whats the name of tge let food recipe book? I woukd love to read it.

  12. I’ve been making some homemade dog food, but I love this recipe and the idea of the Instant Pot which I had never heard of before. I’ve got my hubby looking at them on amazon right now, and I’m pinning this recipe!
    I love making the homemade food for the dogs, but when I do everything separately it takes more time and makes a ton of dirty dishes. So I’m not doing it as often as I’d like. Thanks for sharing this!

  13. My dogs want to come over for dinner! I’m going to have to look into an InstantPot though more for me than the dogs. It looks like a great quick way to make a healthy meal rather than depend on freezer food like I do.

    Thanks for joining the Pet Blogger Showcase!

  14. I pinned this recipe immediately! First off this looks delicious and I was drooling while reading how to make it and the ingredients you recommend. The super foods look great and I haven’t used a Slow Cooker or InstantPot and I’m pretty sure I’ll be purchasing one this summer… great recipe and post.

  15. Hi Mary! I have a regular pressure cooker- two of them in fact – that I use to make meals for us. One of them was my mom’s which she got as a wedding gift in – are you ready? – 1946! I use it more than I do the new one! I’ve never heard of the InstaPot though.

    I used to make food for my fur kids, but with two Goldens and a Corgi/Lab mix, it got to be too expensive. Plus, their tummies are all super-sensitive to any changes in their diet. Now that Callie has her angel wings, it probably wouldn’t be as expensive, but I would still worry about the effect on the tummies. And I’d probably have too many leftovers to use up before they became freezer burned.

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