Help Save the Wild Horses from the BLM — 9 Comments

  1. I have donated to them as well, and I am in tears reading this. I’m disgusted at the way these agencies and the government treat animals with such complete and total disrespect – they never learn anything. They are heartless, soulless, greedy individuals who only care about lobbyists, big business and the all-mighty dollar. It’s disgusting. I will write too, because I can’t give up without a fight. But I know deep inside that, sadly, the roundup will happen. Because unless there’s a huge, unprecedented physical outpouring like for DAPL, these poor, beautiful creatures will meet the same fate as so many others around the world, all because of human greed.

    • Thanks for writing, and helping. I am personally praying for a miracle that this round up does not take place. In the meantime, I will spread the word, gather supporters, and write letters.

  2. Oh Mary, no, no, no… heart hurts for this creatures; they are God’s creatures, we are to be good stewards of these beasts who cannot speak for themselves! I don’t understand businesses…no wait…yes I do. YES I DO….it’s about MONEY and growth and “progress” and many other things. I can’t stand it; to think that these horses who you have grown to love and who you presented to us, will meet their demise at this given date…I will go to their FB page since I don’t use Twitter. Thank you for caring so much!!!!!

    • Anything you can do to help is good. Spread the word, encourage others to let their voices be heard too. Without an out pouring from the public, nothing will ever change.

  3. This just breaks my heart, and I can only imagine how much more it breaks yours, Mary, since you have been so close to these majestic creatures, these families. I hate that greed and money controls everything. Why should cattle be allowed to graze on public land, shouldn’t they have their own land to graze on? Why do humans have to ruin everything that’s beautiful?

    • When I read the other day this was going to happen, it was like being stabbed in the heart. If i think about it, I start crying, then I get angry, then I feel helpless. And I firmly believe ranchers should own their own land. Everyone else has to, why are they any different?

  4. I will spread the word. My husband as well is saddened for he too loves horses (thanks to my mania!) Hugs to you, great friend.

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