Herons, and Eagles, and Osprey Oh My — 9 Comments

  1. Herons are in some ways the ugliest birds, but at the same time they are beautiful and fascinating. Nice shots and love the colors and lighting.

  2. Wow, these are all awesome photos of the Herons, Eagles and the Osprey! Great post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  3. They are you watching you to. Keeping a birds eye view to protect their young from the poperotsi in their nieghborhood. The other day I was watching the birds dive bomb the dogs and cats close to their young trying to fly. Imagine if you weren’t there to capture these beautiful shots. Thanks

  4. You really do have an amazing gift.

    IN Stanley Park in Vancouver, there is a grove of trees where pretty well every tree has a Heron nest — you see photographers standing by with their cameras and tripods trying to capture moments like you do so effortlessly.

    Thanks for the morning lift off!

  5. Fantastic captures. I love watching Great Blue Herons. We’re still on the fence about a TX Gulf Coast excursion this winter. I miss the birding and coast but Hurricane Harvey did so much damage thatI know it won’t be quite the same.

  6. Love all your wildlife photos! Once, several years ago (when we still had our boat), I was lucky enough to capture an osprey as it took off from its nest. I’m sure I still have the image file somewhere, but the million-dollar question is where. Possibly in my MS One ?? online storage.

  7. What wonderful finds and shots you got! I love watching birds. We used to kayak on a local pond and we’d see the heron’s nests up in the trees but never got to see a baby. I used to love to watch the osprey fishing, though my hubby joked that they were getting all the good fish, leaving none for him to catch. LOL

  8. Amazing. I’ve had two deer encounters the last week, but with only my cell, it’s so hard to capture. I had one little one that watched me the entire time. I put my hand up and quietly told her it was okay, and then I made sure to lead Sampson so as not to see her. She really seemed fascinated with us.

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