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Hiking feels so good — 36 Comments

  1. I know exactly what you mean Roxy…getting out and running free on a long hike is the best….those twisty old trees are really neat…have a wonderful weekend!

  2. We aren’t too keen on not walking either and it makes mom weird too but sometimes if she is gone we only get short walks and she thinks the rest for a few days is good for us as we have so much more energy when she is back. Even a pup needs a break, like it or not :)

  3. having such a beautiful place to hike makes it that much better! Mom keeps saying we MUST start walking! We will when Daddy feels better!

  4. Great place to just enjoy nature! Bet Torrey and Roxy were in heaven there! Soooo nice to be able to have that tranquility!

  5. Roxy – I know exactly what you mean – nothing like getting out for some fresh air a good stretch of your legs when you’ve been cooped up for awhile. Looks like you and Torrey had a great place to hike too! Thanks for stopping by our Blog Hop!

  6. Woof! Woof! Oh I’m familiar with those lizards (gecko) when we hiked in HI. Oh I LOVE seeing BLUE Sky. Golden Thanks for sharing your hike. Happy FItDog Friday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Roxy, you’re so cute! I love when vines twist trees like that. And your blue sky is amazing!

  8. Sounds like you both had a lot of fun. Hiking is a great idea. We’re going to have to do some of that very soon. :)

  9. Sometimes it takes some effort to find a safe place where the dogs can run free, but it’s obvious how much they love it when you can. I always think, it must be such a nice feeling not to have someone holding the leash, telling them where to go and how fast.

  10. I see Roxy is getting “sun streaks” :) It’s funny to me that the Mountain Man gatherings look to be “unplugged” and based on simpler times yet you were super busy and “had no time” to hike :)

  11. That really looks like a cool place to walk, and such perfect weather for it! That twisted tree is really interesting, I have never seen anything like that. At least your Mom got you out for some short walks when she was busy, that is always better than nothing! :)

  12. Gorgeous day you had there! I just luv chasin lizards myself :) Glad y’all got to go out and enjoy the sunshine and wonderful scenery!

    Waggin at ya,

  13. We are on the same page. Artie had a blast hiking this weekend and we cleaned the trails too.

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