Hiking up Rock canyon — 15 Comments

  1. That bee was happy! What sweetness he must have found in that chewy gooey center!

    Oh Mary, what a lovely respite indeed. To have the time to stop and slow the shutter speed so to speak; to really capture a moving body of water and freeze it in the middle of a spring day….that is happiness.

    We too had a sensational weekend of long drives while listening to great music, antiquing, working on small projects, seeing HORSES (my favorites) and petting cute dogs on Main St. where we were….fun, fun, fun.

    Enjoy your Monday, Mary! Anita

  2. Outstanding day! Great photos and adventure. I love the way you captured the water and plants. Was the bee was high on nectar?

  3. Oh, that looks fabulous! That’s Rita’s favorite kind of walk – where she can stop and get her feet (and belly) wet whenever she wants! Those mushrooms are interesting! They almost look like stacked rocks or something.

  4. What a beautiful day, that bee is in full immersion! My dogs love to eat dandelions, too, I’m tempted to try one myself.

  5. Looks like a great hike with your furry friends:) Isn’t it amazing what you can find while out hiking! Great fungi close ups. Love the water fall shot:)

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