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Up and down the hills — 23 Comments

  1. That looks like a place we would love to run around with and take Mom along too. We would be worn out, but Mom says it is not fair because she would probably be worn out too but couldn’t just lie down and sleep like us because there is always work to do. Poor moms, they have it rough! Happy Monday!

  2. Looks like a great place to get fit! Wish I was walking those hills with you! I am dying for some good exercise at this point :-)

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Roxy I lay like that sometimes its very cozy! Torrey, I get very mischievious in the park when Mom lets me off leash. I take one last look at her to let her know I am taking off and then I’m gone. Not too far before I stop to make sure she’s following me of course. That’s the whole game. Merry Christmas! Love Dolly

  4. roxy your’e just adorable! you must be part cat because of the way you sleep all curled up.

  5. We have a hill that steep too, I’m not as fast as Torrey, but I still beat Mom and Dad. Roxy, I can’t do that pretzel thing, but BuffyCat can. Are you taking lessons from a cat? ~Cooper

  6. Torrey looks like a great dog and loves to hike. Roxy does get in a comfortably uncomfortable position to sleep! I hope they both have a great Christmas with you!

  7. Torrey looks like one super fit dog! That’s pawsome :) And I saw your sleeping photo on Facebook. It’s funny, but Shiner does sleep like that ALL the time!

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