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Hipmunk Hotels: The Best California Destinations Along The Pacific Ocean — 6 Comments

  1. I always dreem about a wine tour through california… it probably will stay as a dream, but I could take a small tour via your blog – thanks :o)

  2. Oh it’s so funny; having been born and raised in Los Angeles, I know these places, except for the extreme northern spots. I came to know the north AFTER we got married and drove up the coast to Carmel, Big Sur, etc…..indeed. California can be a great vacation spot, and last year when we went, we made it clear we were keeping away from L.A. because visiting there means a lot of hustle and bustle to visit family, which is a GOOD THING, but we told ourselves that this particular trip was going to be a real vacation. And wow, was it ever.

    Mary, have a safe and peaceful weekend!

  3. Hello, I would love to spend some time in Napa and Sonoma. I am not really a city person and enjoy more natural settings. Great post, thanks for sharing. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. I thought you’d talk about destinations actually on the coast. So I was expecting Monterey, San Diego, Big Sur, or San Luis Obispo. Paso Robles on the Central Coast also is an up and coming wine region, and very scenic. I’ve lived not too far from Glendale during a lot of my life, but never really thought of going there. It always seemed like just one more San Fernando Valley city, although the Gene Autry Museum was once on my must see list. We just never had time to go. I have been to Roseville, and even stayed with friends there, but it was a good twenty years ago. I thought it was a nice community, but I never got past the residential area. I was there to do a book fair at a private school. It looked like a good place to live. I did a drive through Sonoma, but that was also work-related with no time to do anything fun. I would have loved the botanical garden. I normally stay out of cities. I’m a country girl at heart. I was glad to leave the Los Angeles area behind when I moved north.

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