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  1. Your Roxy is adorable.. I love the sunset/sunrise shot, beautiful reflection.. Merry Christmas to you and your family..

  2. What a lovely post to round out the season. It sounds like you have many things to be thankful for.

    I also go crazy when people talk about how exhausted they are by the season. It makes no sense to me. Just calm down and enjoy the ones you’re with.

    Hope you and Al and Torrey and Roxy enjoy a beautiful and quiet time in the desert together during this lovely season.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROXY! My goodness, is she smart or what! She knows exactly what she is doing…she is loving the attention! Precious little thing is a Christmas baby….enjoy your celebration Mary, because you and many of us do have so much to celebrate. I too do not go wild about shopping. If anything, during this time off, my husband and I merely stay home and get VERY EXCITED about spending this time together. Being busy teachers, our idea of Christmas is staying put in our cozy home, reading, watching movies together, falling asleep on the couch, eating.

    We have no children, but over the years, many Christmases we have had the thrill of treating each other to something special, or even last year for the first time, flew back to California to see family on Christmas…the first time in 29 years.

    YOUR PHOTOS are absolutely worthy of submitting in a magazine, Mary. Each one is a frozen moment of some of the best sunrises/sunsets, and you have piqued a love of the desert in me….I never really liked the desert, being from HOT California – when my dad would drive us from L.A. out to the interior, I just felt the heat of it all, but never appreciated how beautiful it is….see? You are an artist and artists help us see the world in a different way. GORGEOUS.

    Have a sweet and special day as you celebrate the most important thing about Christmas: LOVE.


    • Thanks so much Anita for all the kind words. Christmas is all about love, and enjoying the time however is best for you. Sounds like you have the right idea too.
      When Al and I first got together, he didn’t like the desert. I started taking him to some beautiful places in the red rock deserts of Southern Utah, and now he sees the beauty. Here in Arizona the color and beauty is different, but it’s there.
      Have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. So many wonderful things to celebrate. Beautiful post. Love to you and yours and all our wags for your adventures in 2015. :) Love, Tootsie & her humans

  5. Happy holidays to you all and all the best for the new year. Happy birthday to you, Roxy! Hope you’ll be spoiled a bit more than usual!

  6. You’ve got the right idea. It certainly isn’t about “the stuff”. Unfortunately not everyone gets that.

    That photo of the sunset on your motor home literally made me gasp and say “oh wow!”. It is absolutely stunning and what an amazing statement of your lifestyle.

    Happy Birthday to Roxy!

    And finally, Merry Christmas!

    • We have the right idea for us. It is a shame though more people can’t just appreciate the time together without making the retailers rich.
      Thanks, I like the photo of our home too.
      Merry Christmas to you too.

  7. oh, sweet little roxy! still adorable as ever. and i like how you ‘celebrate’ christmas. that’s what is most important – being grateful, seeing beauty, counting your blessings and keeping things simple. :)

  8. I agree, it is too easy to get wrapped up (no pun intended) in the insanity of the season, I like your philosophy and your view!!!

  9. Happy birthday to Roxy and I do like your attitude toward the season. I’m all about avoiding hassles and strife.

  10. I agree, Christmas is as stressful or stress-free as you want it. For us as we’ve gotten older we’ve realized we have everything we need already and spend the time relaxing, making really good food and visiting family if we can get back home.

    Happy early birthday to Roxy and we hope you all have a lovely holiday!

  11. Christmas means different things to each of us. Truly your little one and your proposal are what Christmas means to you. And those are wonderful things -because to find love and cherish it and keep is a gift in itself – great reason to celebrate – love! And then that wonderful little dog who brings you joy….
    Merry Christmas to you and blessings in the New Year – WOOF!

  12. You reflect exactly how I feel about Christmas. Some day, that’ll be me out in the middle of nowhere camping on Christmas. Christmas sure is a special day for you. Al’s proposal, and sweet Roxy’s birth. Those are two things worthy of a huge celebration and much gratefulness.

    Those photos of Roxy are very special.

  13. Oh Mary, what gorgeous photos! The one of Roxy when she was a puppy…and the reflection picture…AWESOME! Wishing you a wonderful day celebrating your proposal and Roxy’s Birthday! I cannot believe my Chloe is that age either! Happy Birthday Roxy!!

  14. Great post! My Mama and Papa definitely made with the gifts for our “first Christmas” together, but honestly my favorite part was the cuddles and just being with my family. Happy Birthday, Roxy, and Merry Christmas, holidays, and 2015!

  15. That looks and sounds perfect to me. We are enjoying a quiet day at home with the animals today, and just had a nice dinner the two of us. We were with family last weekend, and more tomorrow, but for today we are just enjoying a quiet time. BTW, my hubby loved your photo that I bought him for Xmas (Mustangs)…I put it in a nice frame and it looks so great!!
    Merry Christmas to all of you, and Happy Birthday to Roxy!!

  16. Happy Birthday Roxy! The pictures are beautiful! Sounds like you are having a nice, peaceful day! Our Christmas Day has been rather quiet too. It is the first Christmas that both of our kids haven’t been with us. I guess I will have to get used to it because they are both getting married before Christmas next year. I’m still in shock that they are getting married within 2 months of each other! Merry Christmas!

  17. I actually did a lot more Xmas-related posts compared to last year. Quite uncharacteristic of me I must say. Hahaha! But it was for a worthy cause since we helped to generate $1000 worth of dog food to shelters. That’s more than what I’ve ever donated personally at one go. For the actual day itself, we just stayed home with the dogs and watched How to train your dragon 2, haha!

    Love that very first picture. Rock on, Mary ;)

  18. Nice pictures – the light in the desert looks great.

    Having a bit of a ‘non-hectic’ time with a cool beer and some blog comments!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne

    PS: Hope you had a good Christmas

  19. Thanks for stopping by my blog because it lead me to yours. I share your sentiment regarding the holidays. Perhaps we’ll bump into you in the desert southwest when we return that way in February. Happy trails, Ingrid

  20. OMD Roxy squee! Mom thought that you and Al had been together forever, which is a compliment. We understand what you say about Christmas and getting caught up in it, and totally agree. We feel the same way when everyone else gets caught up with all of the holidays throughout the year. That’s because its just mom and dad, and his mom who’s in poor health. When mom was a single girl in the city, and very lonely not knowing any one, she got advice to help get through the holidays and lonliness. She got her own tree, decorating it for herself, even though no one else would see it. She doesn’t even visit her family, too stressful, but she got enjoyment at looking at her tree and her decorations, which is all it is today. We love reading about how you live your life, very few people are brave enough to do what you do, and of course its not for everyone. Mom has always dreamed about having a little cottage in the English countryside (or Nebraska) with just some cats but it will probably never happen. Oh well. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us. Love Dolly

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