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Holobal review and #giveaway — 49 Comments

  1. These look like lots of fun and being able to put a treat in them is a bonus. Love their bright, happy colors!

  2. This sounds like all kinds of fun! I think that we’d all love it, but Kuster would be especially excited by that toy.


  3. They look pretty cool. We would probably like them if mom put food inside. My sister still loves her busy ball from when she was a puppy if mom puts food in it :) Those are pretty colors too!

  4. Torrey – this looks like fun – I love these kind of treat/toy things and I don’t have one of these. Hope I win.

  5. Haven’t seen these before and they look like fun for the right dog…Gizmo is not that dog…We’ve tried 3 different puzzle toys and he’s just not interested in any of them…Or maybe he’s just too spoiled ?

  6. Hey that looks like a possibility of a toy Max might actually play with! Great review Torrey! You’re so cute!!!!

  7. Shiner says she thinks it looks VERY fun! She likes treats and toys so the two in one thing is a real plus for her ;)

  8. Looks like a really cool toy! I think Dakota the Corgi would have fun with this.

  9. That looks like a great toy! Anything that can hold a treat is a good toy according to my guys!

  10. That’s so great that you got to try these toys. I was told I would be sent a small holobon but never got it. I think I am going to just buy one myself since it is similar to one of Gretel’s favorite treat toys but looks more challenging.

  11. Those look like cool toys, Torrey, and you sure look like you had lots of fun with that bone one! I think my dogs that like to chew might enjoy one, with or without the treats inside.

  12. Oh, those do look like fun! I wonder if Rita could figure out how to get the treats out… She has this other toy for hiding treats – it’s a big jar with a rope toy in the opening and you fill it with treats and then the dog has to really drag it/whip it around to get the treats out. She gets SO frustrated with it! She does sometimes get things out, but man, it’s a lot of work for her and makes her kinda nutty. I only get it out once in a great while. And then I have to help!

  13. That toy looks like fun! I especially like its fun bright color and the fact that mom can hide treats in it for me! AROOOOOOO!

  14. Artie dog would love this and it would challenge him while he has fun. He loves all toys.

  15. What cool colors!! Any toys that have treats in them are the best!! Myou look like you are enjoying them!!
    Xo Chloe and LadyBug

  16. I definitely think this looks like fun. It encourages them to figure out what to do next and they get a reward in the end!

  17. They do look like fun. It would give my dog something to do so he’s not chewing on his knee.

  18. It looks like it would keep my dog, Diamond, really busy! : ) She loves chewing, hunting, playing and treats so this would be a BIG hit!

  19. My dog loves puzzle toys like this! They are great for when I have to go to work so she can keep herself amused!

  20. I do! And I’m more than certain that my lab/german shepherd mix pup would love it! :)

  21. These do look fun- always looking for new challenges for my smarty pants sheltie…

  22. This does look fun! Our dogs love rubber toys – they’d be pretty excited!

  23. I would love to try this because Sissy really enjoys these types of toys. I have to be careful though because she literally chews through the toy to get the treat. I have tried several kinds and the one I like that she can’t chew through is Kong. Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. Those sound great, I’ve been looking for an interactive toy for Dina for quite a while.

  25. Bentley will certainly like this! It will occupy him when I’m not around.

  26. These look like they would be awesome for my pup with separation anxiety! I will definitely be getting him one of these to keep him busy while I’m out.

  27. I think this totally fun! I think my dog Coco would love playing with these toys and trying to get the treats out! She loves her treats!

  28. i am sure my 3 little girls would have a lot of fun, especially if mom put treats in it….they would be fighting over the treats. i can just them them running up and down the hallway, trying to play keep away….

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