Hoof Beats on my Heart — 21 Comments

  1. you caught the perfect moments with your cam… although every moment with this horse is the perfect one … they are beautiful and they are the evidence that life can be super good…

  2. Hello, your horse photos are stunning. It is sad what the government want to do to them, makes me sick.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. I am so sick over this campaign, that I tweeted 45 directly. I’m SO sick of big money running this country. Is there another way we can contribute? Sign a petition or something? It just makes my heart sick.

  4. Dearest Mary, I saw your post later in the morning when I already had arrived at school, so I was on my phone. I couldn’t leave a comment!

    The horses are one of the many things that seem to be losing this battle with EVIL. There, I’ve said it plain and simple: EVIL.

    Love of money and a distortion of power have led our world on a spin that appears to be out of control. We call good BAD and bad GOOD. To destroy our lands and the organisms and lives that contribute to our well being is ludicrous. When will this stop?

  5. Your passion shows through in every single photograph. It makes me sad and angry what the government proposes doing to these beautiful and innocent animals.

  6. Rounding up and killing won’t solve the problem. Such beautiful animals need to be allowed to run free.

  7. Just tweeted. That makes my heart hurt. I can’t stand how this administration is dealing with anything to do with nature/the environment. Everything is about $$$$$$. Sickening.

    And, yes, your passion for the horses comes through in the photos. When we do something we’re passionate about, it shows!

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  9. Hello Mary, I always enjoyed your horse photos. These are just amazing. Great post. Have a happy weekend!

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