A Horse of a Different Color — 19 Comments

  1. Oh Mary, this was a DELIGHT. Each one of these rascals has stolen my heart from the ONE-EARED palomino (how did THAT happen, I wonder?) to the gorgeous blondy with the red coat, to the little colts preparing for stallionhood. This was a lovely, quiet moment for me to enjoy my favorite beasts on this earth, and your skills of capturing them and narrating their exploits has given me joy. I WANT TO SEE A BOOK FROM YOU some day!

    You are going to miss these guys as you head out to Arizona, and so will I.

    • The palomino lost his ear in a fight, I’m sure. They bite and kick each other very hard. That must have hurt. I am going to miss them when we go to Arizona, but there is a wild horse herd down there I want to go visit.

  2. How wonderful to follow the lives of some of these horses as they grow and mature. I think you’re right about that buckskin dude – he seems to be positioning himself early to take charge of the herd someday, and he also seems to have selected his choice girl…”Head of Stable”? LOL The reddish horse reminds me so much of a horse I used to ride weekly and almost bought; her name was Lady. She was both sweet and spicy, she took no crap from the other horses but she was gentle at the same time. Kind of like our Daisy! :)

  3. It will be interesting to see what that little man becomes. It will take several years for him to mature enough to grab his own girls though.

  4. Wow, another batch of great photos. My gosh, with 2000 how do you pick your favorites?! Love that red mare with the blond mane. Gorgeous! And the “funny look” shot is so cute. Hope your sale is going well!

  5. Wow, amazing series on the wild horses. The colts are just adorable. I love all the photos. Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead.

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