Hound-a-bout and Solvit Biking with dogs — 9 Comments

  1. I really like the trailer!! Torrey is so similar to Dakota (who also is a creature of habit and doesn’t like change or new things)…don’t know if he would like that trailer, but I am thinking for Cody that might be a super cool idea!! Love it!

  2. Hi Roxy. Love your new bike basket. Please ask your mom if she would be kind enough to send me a link to this particular model. I bought a different kind of bike basket for my dog and it’s not very stable/safe. I tried to find the one above but can’t find this model. Thanks!

  3. Hi Roxy, You look so great in your basket. We carry this dog basket on our website. Could I use the picture of you in the basket to put on the dog bicycle page. I would love that. You are a gorgeous dog. And Laura if you click on my name it will take you straight to the catalog page of the item you are looking for.

  4. I love pulling Chester and Gretel in our trailer! They aren’t huge fans at this point either. I hope to try and get them more used to it this summer. We did that small bike tour down the Oregon coast but I would love to do a huge tour with them…the weiner wagon. Ha, ha.

  5. We’ve had a Doggy Ride trailer for years. Honey’s not crazy about it so we started working with a trainer. He suggested we work on having her jump in the back of the trailer and out the front so she feels confident she can leave it she wants to. We’re working our way up to her being comfortable for a long ride.

    Since we don’t have a car any more, the Doggy Ride is her only hope for trips to the dog park or swims at the lake.

    Hope you had a great time camping!

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