How about a little wild horse humor — 9 Comments

  1. love it… and there is the evidence that horses can read… at least this one it stands completely behind the organization who put up this sign :O)

  2. Love these!

    And yes… guilty! :)

    I often wonder (or put thoughts to) what birds are thinking as they fly above us watching our human antics.

  3. OMG! The laughing horse is just too much! I love that photo!! It has to be my all-time favorite!! Maybe he was doing it just for you? He recognized you and wanted to give you a good laugh. ?

    And yes, I’m guilty as charged. Do it ALL. The. Time. Especially with Ducky when we’re playing out in the yard.

  4. Oh Mary, I am SO guilty of doing this, but all in fun, knowing that many of the expressions and gestures of animals mean something else that we must respect. HOWEVER….these shots are darling and make us horse lovers SWOON and coo, imagine and wish they could just speak to us. LOVE that one of the queue for the butt scratch on the sign. Classic.

  5. Love the look on that horses face while she enjoys her scratching! Those are all awesome! (And of course you know I’m guilty of the anthropomorphism thing!) :)

  6. Here’s my caption of that last photo.

    “Ed, hold still, you’ve got a piece of grass stuck, right here.”

    “Stop it Tom, THAT tickles!”

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