How to Keep Your RV Happy Over the Long Haul — 2 Comments

  1. Someday I hope to have an RV again…I really miss it sometimes! Even though we didn’t travel a lot or far it was always so nice to just have the little getaways.

  2. We put a cover on the AC on the roof. It sits out in the weather all year long. Once we had a cover which blew off and shredded. WE take the heavy snow off with a big broom. In the spring we seal the leaks on the roof. It had many when we first bought it. It caused water to drip down some walls and warped the floor. Its a smart idea to protect your investment. We do however jack the trailer up on wood blocks to protect the tires from sitting on the ground which can rot them. We also cover the tires, and spare; so the sun won’t rot them.

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