I blinked, and it was Fall — 15 Comments

  1. Good morning, we are seeing signs of fall here too. I just lvoe your moose shot. And the berries are pretty, lovely series of images. Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

  2. Good morning Mary! Your golds and cooler tones this morning are a joyful way to escort me back to school, as Monday is when the kids arrive. All week long, I’ve been in meetings and in classrooms, planning, and it’s been a bit hard to say goodbye to summer. BUT fall is gracious; she clothes herself in gold and deep red, like a queen and majestically prepares us for the work ahead of us. All week long here, it’s been cooler and a few trees are already changing red. After school, I plan to STOP to take photos instead of rushing home, I plan to make even more of the weekends through photography and make this sudden change a smooth celebration of being alive.


    • I remember when summer was dictated by the school schedule. My kids always went back towards the middle to end of August. So early. Now summer lasts longer without that. And yes, you should stop and take photos of the changing season. You’ll be happy you did.

  3. Oh I can’t wait till we have such wonderful colors here too… I can smell it in the air and I’m ready to chase all that leaves :o)

  4. I’m thrilled to say that it’s 59 degrees here this morning and I have every window in the house open! Finally! But it’s going up to 86, so I’ll be closing them again by noon. I can’t say that fall snuck up on me because I started my countdown to fall in May, and it can never come soon enough for me. But our temps will be hitting the 90s again in a couple of days, so this lovely day is just a teaser…for now… :)

  5. I love the photos you take because they are so out in the middle of nowhere, such great finds! Luckily, our summer wasn’t as hot as usual which we love, and this month has been exceptionally cool. We are ready to have fall, and then get back into the snow!

  6. I’m so ready for fall… but sometimes fall is our hottest, driest weather of the year, which I hate. It’s usually the worst for fire season too. Ugh. It’s really hot here right now (90 even at the coast today, which is crazy hot for us! And it’s even muggy, which is unusual.) So, yes, I’m ready for fall – but for REAL fall, not the usual hot, dry So Cal Fall!

  7. Goodness Fall is coming fast there! But the colors are beautiful in your photos. We had a week or so of very cool weather and we loved it. But the heat is coming back but it can’t leave fast enough for us. Fall is our favorite time of the year. Mom is going to Vancouver next week and it can’t be cool enough for her! Love Dolly

  8. I too love fall. It is my favourite season. But, every year when I first spy leaves turning golden and grasses drying, I feel a tinge of regret, of worry — if fall is here, winter is not far behind. And then, the beauty of fall surrounds me and I forget my worry and fall in love with falling leaves.

    Looking forward to your new ideas as you share them.

  9. Same here!!!! But I find myself avoiding pointing my camera at signs of fall because I’m not ready yet!

    Your photos are truly fabulous. You’ve convinced me that the Grand Tetons have to be on our list for the future.

  10. Fall has always been my favorite season, because of it’s beautiful colors which you captured so wonderfully in your photos. I’m not quite ready for it yet either, and even though it’s been cooler for a few days here it looks like we still have a little more summer coming before fall settles in.
    Congratulations on your new opportunity! We don’t travel much, but I love to read about it!

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