I can’t sit down, the ground is cold — 22 Comments

  1. Well Roxy, sounds like your person should be carrying a pillow for you to sit on when she wants to stop – no matter how many years you put into training humans the job is never done!

  2. Not all dogs were made to be out in the cold. Even some big breeds won’t lie down or sit if it is cold. We are like Torrey and don’t mind a bit. Good thing you can just pick Roxy up. Imagine if you had to carry Torrey, LOL!

  3. Looks like it’s sweater weather for Roxy. Unfortunately, that doesn’t do anything to keep her butt warm.

    She’d probably like you to stuff a little pillow for her in your backpack. :)

  4. My dogs don’t even like to sit on indoor vinyl or tile. They back up until they come on an area rug which is much warmer.

  5. Oh my dog, those pics are too cute! She’s obviously an excellent little communicator! “I’m cold, Mom. It’s really time to move on!” (Too bad Roxy’s legs aren’t long enough, cuz I bet Torrey would make a warm, comfy pillow!)

  6. I obviously don’t know your dogs but I already love them. Well I’m an animal lover in general so that might have something to do with it;). haha, the picture of Roxy reminds me of me and Tory reminds me of my husband. I despise the cold and prefer to be in a nice 75 degree heat or warmer and my husband likes it cool. Roxy’s face made my day.

  7. All of us are the same – we need to keep moving when it is super cold. I liked Roxy’s try at sitting on Torrey though! :)

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