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Idaho flowers — 23 Comments

  1. What a great place to be!
    Our person can’t help with the flower but we recognize the birds – they spend a lot of time around here too – American Goldfinch or wild canaries. Have a great rendezvous weekend!

  2. Very pretty! Love the colours! I have no idea about flower names but the ones you didn’t have a name for look a bit like snap dragons. Don’t quote that…As I said, I’m clueless!

  3. I just love purple/blue flowers! Those are just beautiful. I cannot believe that river is your current “back yard”. What a lovely spot to stay, relax and take in all that nature has to offer. Enjoy the rendezvous. I hope there will be some interesting character photos coming soon.

  4. Love the blue/purple colors of flowers. Right now everything around here is white to pink which is pretty, but I like the blues too.

  5. Wow, you must be at a low elevation to have all those flowers in Idaho already! Have a wonderful time. It looks like a fabulous spot!!!

  6. I might’ve thought you were here in NH, if you hadn’t said otherwise! We have a lot of lupine around here, and they even have a festival for it up in the White Mts. My clematis is just starting to open…it’s just our second year having it and I love it.
    That bright yellow bird is a male Goldfinch, and the other one the female. We have a lot of those around here, they are one of my favorites. Beautiful photos….how nice to be right on the river!

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