If It Barks dog collar #giveaway — 16 Comments

  1. This little sweetie makes the perfect model. Her demeanor (those gentle eyes) just GET ME! HI MARY! Anita

  2. Hi Mary,Roxy looks stunning in her new collar. I would love your permission to use her picture on the website in the dog photo gallery on our site. I hope that both of you enjoy the collar and thank you for the review.

  3. I love the Layered Gold Chevron collar, but there are so many that are great. It was hard to pick just one. ☺ For some reason, my Pinterest URL wouldn’t copy and paste on the entries.

  4. I love the color selections on the striped collars. There is one called “corn field” that was my favorite…I love bright colors.

  5. You look great in your new collar Roxy :) I like the Side Release Collar 3/4″ nylon collar in the mint and wish colors.

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