If you go down in the woods today — 20 Comments

  1. Wow, awesome shots of the bears. It does not look too comfy sleeping in the tree. Have a happy day!

  2. MARY!!!!!!!!! You captured these wonderful creatures in their contorted and marvelous positions! How far away are you from them? I’d be terrified! Are you in a truck using your strong lens? They are just beautiful. May they fatten up beautifully and be cozy for the winter ahead.

  3. Wow — you definitely have captured the energy and spirit of these bears. So beautiful.

    I too sang and danced to that song when my girls were little. One of our favourites!

  4. Those are incredible shots you got, Mary. You must have a very strong telephoto lens! I agree that people should be smart when photographing or even observing wildlife – they shouldn’t be disturbed, it always results in something negative. The pictures of the mama bear and her cubs are my favorites. :)

  5. My mom is so jealous of you and the animals you get to safely photograph! She would love to see them in the wild from a safe spot!

  6. You got some great photos! I think sleep comfort is what’s ‘normal’ to you. I’m always amazed at the places the dogs choose to sleep.

  7. That looked like an incredible treat!!!! Those bears must be somewhat used to people. There are none around here who would stay nearby for photos like yours (although I’m sure you had a long lens)! I love the photos!

  8. Mom watched the video of the bears playing in a famiily’s backyard pool because it was so cute. But being close to bears is not! Which is why she couldn’t understand why her friend kept wanting to see a bear in Vancouver. Love Dolly PeeS: Nice, but scary, pictures.

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