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  1. Wonderful discoveries. I love the cute deer and the cool moth! Enjoy your day!

  2. Oh Mary, the discoveries are unreal, aren’t they!!!!!! Yesterday I had a blast here in Carmel. I took off on my own while my husband stayed at the hotel on the deck, overlooking the water. I met a great couple and the husband is a professor of photography. HE HELPED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After meeting them, my photos were immediately transformed. I then proceeded to take photos in the little village and I found a BLUE JAY! I kept following this bird who seemed to allow me to take several shots! I WAS SO HAPPY!

    Have a super fun day, looking and finding.

    • Anita, that’s awesome! I checked your IG account yesterday and there were no photos of the ocean for me to drool over. I am so glad you are having a blast, and learning too. That’s a great combination for a getaway.

  3. I’ve been walking lately at Deep Run Park. It’s mostly woods, but everyday there’s at least one thing to see, from a Daddy Longlegs nestled in the nearly ripened blackcaps, to a box turtle along the path to a heron yesterday! I enjoy the woods and my walks there and am happy I can see something different every day too.

    Congratulations on the 1,000 posts! I read it through my Facebook feed and wanted you to know – AWESOME!!


  4. Hi Mary! Late last night, I posted some ocean photos on IG. Thanks for visiting! Today is foggy so no photos today, at least not this morning! Oh what a beautiful planet we have!

  5. That moth is most impressive…like something out of a nightmare. I’m glad he isn’t the size he appears at first.

  6. That’s a cool shot of the mama deer with her baby. Of course, you know I love all your photos, except for the bugs….LOL I do not care for bugs.

  7. I always feel good when I’ve taken the time to see. I agree with you that there’s so much beauty out there. And, yes, birds can indeed be sneaky!!

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