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  1. You are so right Mary; nature is the “supreme artist” for sure. I am always amazed to the point of feeling like a child again on a discovery. I think nature intends to amaze us every new season, whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter. It never gets old, never, for me.

    Yesterday,nature gave us quite the show. It was sunny and warm, quite perfect, until a hail storm barreled in, uninvited! It was awesome in the fearful sense of the word….horrific, but beautiful.


  2. The beadwork is gorgeous! I always look at the fine details in nature, that’s where the true awesomeness is. :)

  3. The seasons of Nature are supreme; and detailed with artistry and perfection. As Artists we try to compliment and copy her with great efforts. Your photos inspire and lift with positive views, that you capture as you seek everywhere you look. Bravo Mary Hone!

  4. You are so right, Mary, about nature being full of intricate designs. The new leaves and wings were a great choice, as was that gorgeous bead work! I enjoyed reading your accompanying narrative:)

    How exciting that the gentleman shared his beading technique. He certainly has created amazing work. Good luck with your beading:) Share some with us, please!

  5. I love the header and title of your blog. The images of the intricacies of nature are gorgeous and the beadwork is beautiful. As you can see from my enthusiastic comment, I loved your post!

  6. Beautiful pictures, you take so many of flowers its nice to see the leaves as the focus. And of course the beadwork is gorgeous! Love Dolly

  7. Like you, I think Nature is the supreme artist, and your photos of nature are incredible!!!! I love them.

  8. Great examples. I’ve been watching one of our trees, it also has the seed pods on it. I did try and get a photo, but I don’t have your skill or eye. :-) Great job.

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