Is it dinner yet? — 15 Comments

  1. Hello, I love your Roxy and Torrey! Awesome captures of the Hawk! Enjoy your day!

  2. The hawk photos don’t even look real! Amazing! We are pretty patient at mealtime unless we are starved and eating late.

  3. We have the dinner routine here too. I had better feed them when they are looking for food!! They just won’t leave me alone until I do. Love the Hawk photos.

  4. Catching that hawk in flight so clearly is incredible! I love the Roxy and Torrey shots. Daisy has her signals too, and she also spins in circles when we’re bringing her food bowl to her, giving us little grumbles and barks to rush us along. These pups are so funny! :D

  5. Oh wow! That hawk in flight shot is amazing! So beautiful.

    Beaumont is the least food motivated dog I know! Ellie on the other hand was completely fixated on food — quite a difference.

    Love the photos of Roxy and Torrey — such beautiful pups.

  6. Pets are such a crack up! Our Rosie would be enormous if we let her free feed, so feeding time is quite the occasion in our home too.

    LOVE the in flight photo!

  7. I’m not sure if I would rather be in charge of the food with all that responsibility or just be fed and look really cute and impatient

  8. Roxy is so dang cute! Rita is much more like Torrey – no antics or dancing around for her dinner. She just sits back and waits to be fed – like the princess she is! (Andy, yeah, I’m glad I don’t have to rely on someone else to feed me!)

    Great hawk shots! We have a hawk that hangs out in our neighbor’s tree and soars over our canyon. Sometimes he buzzes over our yard. So beautiful!

  9. Good afternoon, Mary! I was running late today so I couldn’t come this morning for my daily dose of inspiration. Great prompt, amazing details in Roxy’s fur!!!

  10. The hawk shots are awesome!
    Our beagle Kobi used to bark when his dinner was being prepared, he was so impatient! The current crew paces around and gets excited but they are at least a little quieter about it than Kobi was. :)

  11. Do you think it’s that way in every household? Sampson is pretty much just like Torrey, while Delilah screams at me for her meals. :-)

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