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It was bound to happen — 27 Comments

  1. Agree with Tootsie! We like to share our fur with the birds in the spring. Makes for soft nests :-)

  2. Roxy, tell mom to check out needle felting – she can make lots of adorable animals and purses, and other things from all the beautiful shed hair! Just Google it and find a new hobby for those long evenings!

  3. it will be great nesting material for the birdies in the spring. Its still very cold and damp and foggy smoggy here. 8 degrees right now.

  4. I hear ya Torrey I shed like you do, but I think I will keep mine with below 0 weather still haunting us.

  5. That’s probably the worst part of being am Aussie mom. Good thing you’re outside. I LOVE my undercoat brush for my dogs. Piles and piles of hair in five minutes.

  6. This goofy weather has us blowing coat too. Our person says the birds really like leftover hair to make their nests so best to try to keep your furs until then….lol.

    the brown dawgs

  7. when i had long-haired dogs i always brushed them outside so the fur could be picked up by birds and used in nest building…recycling at its finest..

  8. Hey Roxy,

    I hope she remembers to keep a little bit :)

    When my Mum brushes me she says she gets a whole new puppy, every week!!

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  9. I hear you about coat blowing! We just got done here and are gearing up for it to happen all over again in a few months!

  10. Oh my goodness – I’m just getting to the end of this process with Ty! The hairballs in the RV were ridiculous and it didn’t matter how long I brushed him … more fur just kept coming off. I’m sure now that Ty’s done Buster will start. =)

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