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  1. Thank you for sharing this today Mary. I did not know about Leroy and have just gone over to over some support to Jen. They have been through so much with that boy. Sure hope things start turning around.

  2. this tugs at your heart strings. I just hope that Leroy’s suffering ends and he will be going home soon. Sending positive thoughts of health and happiness for this family.

  3. You’re right it is all a matter of perspective. I’ve been thinking that the past few days as I’ve been moaning about some things in my life and in the grand scheme of things are tiny compared to what else is going on. I didn’t know about Leroy and his troubles but I’m going to go over now and see what I can do to help.

    • Sorry! I meant to change the blog title of what I recently posted. Sorry. It seems a bit inappropriate for this situation with Leroy. You’re welcome to delete it.

  4. The blogging community is definitely amazing in times of need! We are pulling for poor Leroy as well. Mom has days where she feels down but always tries to remember how truly fortunate we are. There are always others much worse off.

  5. You are so right, it’s always a matter of perspective. But sometimes we have do deal with our own things without compare with others who might have it worse. I cross my fingers for Leroy.

  6. We heard about Leroy on another blog too – I think it’s wonderful how the pet blogging community pulls together to support each other. We are keeping Leroy and his family in our prayers, and we’ll be visiting Go Fund Me as well.

  7. You are so right about perspective. I had a meltdown this week over someone stealing my photos on the web — but things could be waaaaaaay worse. I am pulling for Leroy, and I also hope that you get out of the city soon.

  8. I hope your friend’s dog will be ok. Vet bills can get simply outrageous- much like doctor bills. I’ll keep good thoughts for Leroy and pray he will be feeling better soon. You are spot on about perspective.

  9. This is such a lovely and thoughtful post in support of Leroy, Jen, and her family. And a good reminder to all of us.

    I saw that Jen’s account has nearly hit her goal. I hope it is a real help in paying for Leroy’s treatment.

    And yet just because someone else is going through something worse doesn’t mean that you can’t feel loss for being somewhere that isn’t a good fit for you. I hope you can find a little bit of Jackson Hope inside your heart even when you’re tramping down sidewalks in the big city. Perhaps it’s time to look through some of your beautiful photos.

  10. It was so wonderful of you to share this! It is so true about perspective, any of us could be in Jen’s position any minute. It is so heartwarming to see the support she has received, and now they have exceeded the fundraising goal, and Leroy is home…yay! I don’t believe he is out of the woods yet though, so we continue to send our warm thoughts and prayers to all of them.

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