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  1. I would love to slide down that slide with Torrey… I probably would look like a baboon with my thin fur, but it#s all about the fun :o)

  2. It’s all about JOY, this existence, the air we take in, the air the birds fly in. The dance of the horse (you know, my favorite!) the song of the sea. OH MARY, your photos of the horses make me LEAP for joy!

  3. Hello, wonderful captures of the horses and your furbabies playing. I love the poem and image, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day!

  4. The horses running are fabulous and I love Torrey on the slide. HOw sweet!

    And thank you Mary for a lovely collaboration. I feel uplifted by it and grateful. A lovely way to start my day! Thanks my friend.

  5. I love the photos of horses and pups having fun, especially Torrey coming down the slide and Roxy looking on – she almost looks like she’s braced or like she’s nervous for her best buddy! And the close-up of Torrey’s joy is just so heartwarming, you just can’t help smiling in return; I love seeing happy animals.

  6. Animals make running look fun. Love the ‘look’ on their faces as they run. I think they look happy and full of joy. Enjoy the day and the week ahead. Peace.

  7. Beautiful collaboration – what a great choice! And of course, love seeing all of God’s creatures just enjoying life – if only it could be all about the fun all the time!

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  9. Beautiful photos, as always! And I absolutely adore the photo of Torrey on the slide!! She looks so totally happy! I’m with Jan K – love seeing all of God’s creatures having fun and enjoying life.

    And I love Louise’s poem – it’s beautiful! I can see how it inspired you for the collaboration! Very insightful!

  10. I love this one Mary! Oh my goodness…Roxy looks SO tiny!! LadyBug would love to play on that slide with Torrey…there is one at the RV Park we stay at in North Carolina.

    Beautiful sentiment as well!

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