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It’s all about the fun!! — 24 Comments

  1. I’ve never gotten Doggy to catch the frisbee.
    I bring Doggy to the office every Friday, he likes it and so do my coworkers, he’s good at closing the door when people leaves it open.

  2. Hiya Roxy! I ALWAYS have fun! That’s just the way I roll…You might want to take a look here at some folks studying how hoomins & dawgs play together http://www.doghumanplay.com/ It’s a kewl study

    I”m not a frisbee dawg, but if we won we would give it to our gud pal Winter cause she loves da frisbees

    I left you a prezzie over on my blog today…hope you like it!


  3. Hey Roxy and Torrey. Yesterday our Mom raseled with us just like she was a doggie to. We were inside of all places as it was to cold for her to play outside with us. We jumped all over her and gave her kisses and rolled around having a blast. She smelled just like us when we were done. It is all about the fun! Ollie and Reggie

  4. How nice of you! My pups just do not play fetch though, and they are supposed to be hunting dogs haha! Good luck to those that are entering. It looks like a lot of fun!

  5. The other day when my opened my new dog food bag, Beneful gave us a squeaky tennis ball in it!! I don’t like playing with tennis balls, but I was nice enough to give it to the outdoor dogs and they love it!! Don’t enter me on the drawing, but I will keep my paws crossed for others to win it!!


  6. I love to have fun:-)
    But I live in the UK, but (if allowed) I’d like to do the same as Mollie and enter on behalf of a US blog or shelter.

  7. All about the fun, but we can’t be Beneful in my house anymore :( It gave my pups a horrible rash and made one of them very ill. After two very expensive vet bills, I read into the product some and was horrified. We now feed a grain free diet and everyone is happy, healthy, and ready to play the day away! :)

  8. I know that people don’t get enough play. Work,work,work is all they do. Us dogs need to teach them how to play.

  9. Hi Guys,

    You’ve got it right – It is all about the fun!! :)

    Does your tennis ball squeak? I’ve got one of those balls and it squeaks, I love it!!

    I’d love to enter your giveaway cos that frisbee looks cool!! :)

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

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