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  1. I mostly look not close enough :o( but this time I noticed that the old car smiles somehow and I saw the beauty in this fence :o)

  2. I prefer older buildings due to the details and character. I chose an old home – colored glass around some of the windows, a stained glass window above the front window – I even like the old glass left in a few windows that makes the view outside wavy :-)

  3. Good morning Mary!

    That truck with the daisies at its front end…that is a powerful photo. All your photos show great detail of not only light and shadow, rust and patina, antique windows and etching, but the detail of stories that each object can tell. Photography is INDEED poetry etched in light and shadows!

  4. I love the story each photo tells — and how you interpret the story and give it depth with your artistry.

    Love the old truck and daisies. And the fence. Beautiful.

  5. I LOVE that window. You probably already guessed that I’m BIG into details, it’s my favorite thing to photograph in nature – those tiny details no one notices. When we’re on a dig, it’s the details in the land, artifacts and remaining structures that give us clues to what went on and where to look for evidence. I also love discovering ghost architecture on old homes that tells me how that home had originally been designed. And the details on furniture from bygone times is also amazing, not only in the carved decorations but also in hidden nooks and tiny drawers. Oscar Bach would sometimes weave interesting references into his amazing metalwork that you can discover if you look beyond the surface and focus on the details. Sorry, I’m rambling – tends to happen when it’s a subject I love!

  6. We don’t see much old stuff around here, but when we do, it is so neat to see. Great photos! Mom doesn’t really want to go back to Europe having lived there so long, but she would love to go and do photography. So much old stuff there.

  7. I love old buildings, but I think I’m more of a “big picture” person. I’m probably missing out on all those wonderful details though – love that window!

  8. Great selection, Mary! The second one is simple and elegant. I like the angle you took for the third one. :)

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